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Pocket Printer - A6

White PeriPage Pocket Printer

Pocket Printer - A6

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Pocket Printer - A6

Print images and pieces of text while travelling, at work or just at home. Download the PeriPage app for Android or iOS, connect your smartphone with the Pocket Printer via Bluetooth and instantly print your most cherised photos and moments! Make beautiful creations using the paper rolls, available in vibrant color and firm sticker variants. Use the thermal printer to print photos, labels, memos, QR codes, notes, shopping lists and much more!

Included in the Package

PeriPage Pocket Printer
• White Thermal Paper Roll (1x)
• User Manual
• USB Charging Cable

Mini FAQ

Q: How long do the prints last?
A: They will last for at least 10. The prints might fade a little after that point but they will never disappear.

Q: Will the prints fade and are they affected by the sun?
A: They are not affected by the sun because very high temperatures and direct heat are needed to darken the paper. It might happen that they fade slightly but this will not occur before the 10 year mark.

Q: How many images can I print?
A: It depends on the size of the image, but in general, printing at least 100 images per thermal roll is common.

Q: What is DPI?
A: DPI stands for Dots Per Inch and it indicates the printing quality. The higher the DPI, the higher the quality.

Extra Thermal Paper

Visit the Thermal Paper collection page to browse the color, sticker and label variants of our thermal paper.

Protective Case

Get a Protective Case and protect your Pocket Printer from fall damage and scratches.

Why the Pocket Printer is Awesome

Instant Photos and Messages: Instantly print photos and quick memos. Use it as a polaroid camera and eternalize your most cherised moments with friends and family. Let your creativity flow freely and make beautiful creations like scrapbooks and bullet journals!

No Ink: The Pocket Printer doesn’t need any ink or cartridges to operate. Which is better for the envorinment and for your wallet! The thermal printer uses thermal paper and state of the art heat technology to print images and text in black and white.

Portable: The printer is very compact. It can even fit in your pocket, as the name suggests 😉. It runs on a battery which can be charged using a USB cable (included). This makes it ideal for travelling!

Augmented Reality: You can bring your dearest memories back to life with the new Augmented Reality function! Select a video, print the AR label and enjoy moments of the past!

PeriPage App

Download the free and easy-to-use PeriPage app to use your Pocket Printer. Choose from all sorts of font-styles and templates. Available on all Android (4.4+) and iOS (9.0+) smartphones and tablets. Need more information about the app? Please click here.

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FAQ & Parameters

Do you have questions about the printer or do you want to check out additional parameters? Please click here.

Warranty & Shipping

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